• Covid-19 CLEAN&SAFE

    From the 18th of May onwards we welcome guests again!

    We adhere to government-implemented Covid-19 measures.

  • End of 2019 Camping Season

    Thank you for such a fantastic year! We can’t wait to see you next year!

  • A guided sidecar adventure!

    Experience an amazing sidecar adventure along coastal roads, village lanes or forest trails.
    Discover the beauty that surrounds us (on & off road), soak up the smell and live an unforgettable experience in a region with a soul!

    Check out there website to find out more: Gusto sidecar adventures
    Pick up at Tamanco

  • welcome to a new season of Tamanco vibes!

    Surfing straight into spring, catch a wave or wind, grab your BBQ gear and enjoy the luxury of simplicity under the stars.

  • Thanks for support after Hurricane Leslie

    We would like to thank all of the people who have given of their time and expressed concern about Tamanco.

    As many people are aware, we had extensive damage as a result of the storm.
    We were extremely grateful for all of the help, as so many people came and helped us out.

    To Andre Amaro, Catarina, Hildebrand, Niels, João, Bruno, Renault, Renata, Tania, Wilbert & Grilfriend, Mercedez & j.C, Dom & Georgie, Matt, Carolin & Christian, Ralf & Anna, Deina, our crew and so many others,  thank you so much!

  • Closed for the season

    O Tamanco is closed during winter from 31/10 till 1/4

  • Land art

    What to do with some fallen trees!

    Trees are some of the longest and oldest living things on earth. Although some times, they are susceptible to breakage. Often times, people choose to discard tree branches or stumps which could otherwise be put to good use.
    We believe in not only the power of recycling, but also the power of upcycling. Upcycling is described as the process of “converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful.”What´s more beautiful than trees, and their multifaceted textures and colors?

    We are looking for a land artist to go on an adventure with us.
    You are invited to stay at the “Artist Shack’ for a period in exchange for a Wood art work at ‘Tamanco’. For more information, or to submit proposals, please email:

  • The countdown begins….

    The countdown begins….
    The weather is getting consistently warmer, trees are starting to bud, birds are chirping, and die-hard campers are buzzing… that’s because the start of the best season of the year is rapidly approaching… camping season!

  • Exchange for People who love to create…

    Camp Tamanco offers an artist/craftsmen exchange program. Artists & Craftsmen are invited to stay at the Campgrounds for a period in exchange for an artwork or content that can be used at ‘Tamanco’. For more information, or to submit proposals, please email:

  • Amazing people & good vibes!

    The end of the season, the last night of an incredible summer!
    Amazing people & Good vibes. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
    Adventure is waiting…see you next year!