Tamanco Camp Portugal

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Tamanco Tubismo

Re-connect with the outdoors

Sleep in the round, wake up with songbirds and sunshine in our Tubismo Tube.

We transformed eight reclaimed, concrete tubes into cosy rooms with a view. Plunge into our saltwater pool, escape to our garden-like campground and embrace the fresh air and a great night’s sleep under a starry night sky. Wether you are seeking refuge, looking to meet other travelers or hang out with friends: we have the right vibe for you!

Cozy rooms with a view
The Tamanco Tubes are round (2m Ø) and they will provide you with maximum comfort in a minimal amount of space. Each Tube-room will provide you with a bed for 1 or 2 guests.

Sweet dreams
The accommodation includes 2 fresh covered pillows, and a mattress protector. You should bring your own sleeping bag and towels; however we can supply you with both. Price: € 5,00 for a Sleeping bag and Portuguese blanket. € 6,50 including towel.

Your luggage can be tidily stashed away in the storage space beneath and next to the bed.

Power up
We don’t want your digital camera or mobile phone to die mid-trip; there is a 230V outlet for charging your electronical devices.

Take advantage of our communal outdoor kitchen, visit our library and relax in the indoor and outdoor lounge areas.

The campsite’s sanitary facilities are at your disposal.

Onyx Lounge
Communal outdoor kitchen (for Tube guests only) equipped with stove, kettle and crockery. 
Pots, pans, bowls and plates. 
A BBQ and Picnic tables outside. Small fridges for rent.

What to pack
The evenings can be chilly so bring next to your flip-flops also a warm sweater.

Rural setting
Pick up service
Welcoming atmosphere
Saltwater pool
Animal farm
Laundry service
Bread delivery
Farm grown fruits and vegetables for sale
Fridges for rent
Campfire pit
A Cantina Café & Eatery | Meeting point for everyone!

Tubo Prices

Join the new outdoor movement!
For only €30/night for 2 People and €25/night for 1P.

Be a More Sustainable Traveler🌿🐓✨
You can save valuable water resources and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in laundry detergents by travelling with your own sleeping bag.

We care, because little things make a big difference!