Tamanco Camp Portugal

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It´s been described as nostalgia for a glorious past, a fathomless yearning, and a longing for home, but unless you´re Portuguese you´ll probably never really grasp the uniquely Portuguese passion of Saudade. It´s musical form is the aching sorrow of fado-a melancholic submission to the twists and turns of fate. In Portuguese and Brazilian poetry it´s a mystical reverence for nature, a brooding sense of lonelyness, especially popular among certain 19th and early 20th century poets who fostered a cult saudosismo. In tangible form it´s the return of thousands of emigres to their home villages every August, drawn not just by family ties but by something deeper – a longing for all that home and Portugal represents: the heroism of the past, the sorrows of the present, and wistful hopes for the future.